Sunday, 10 December 2017

What I drank in London

In my hotel at least. Pleanty of cask stuff rushed over my lips, too. No keg, obviously. I can get that whenever I want.

This isn't everything. I couldn't get the bastard labels of some of the bottles. In the days of returnable bottles, it was a piece of piss to recover labels. A quick soak in hot water and they's often float off of their own accord. German labels are still like that. And a lot of Belgian and Dutch ones. ones from the USA are worst. I can rarely recover any of those.

Though I did manage to get this one:

I even removed it without much damage.

Crafty labels can be pretty bad. The self-adhesive sticker type can mostly be prised off intact, but its a bit labour-intensive. And you have to stick them on something ales as the back remains adhesive.

But I'm sure you don't want to hear about my label travails. I'm really sure you don't.

I drank an eclectic selection, with both trad and mod stuff.

Notice a theme? There's one if you look closely.


John Smith said...

A guess at the theme...bemoaning the halycon days of historic beers and classic styles as you trod the flavor-of-the-day wasteland, watching the uncaring masses fall into the craft beer abyss.

InSearchOfKnowledge said...

For the sticker types I use hot water. First I fill the bottle with hot tap water, then soak it in a bucket with the same hot tap water, and then add boiling water to increase the temperature. Most adhesives then start to melt.

The most obnoxious ones I ever encountered were some Italian ones (Birra Pasturana). To get the image, I need to soak them in hot water with soda, and even then only the image comes off, not the adhesive layer below it.

Ed said...

I give up. What is it?

J. Karanka said...

They all have references to time / past times?