Sunday 17 December 2017

Mr. Warwick dies

My interest in Newark brewing has bee rekindled since I got my hands of  a Warwicks & Richardsons brewing record.

There was good money to be earned in the brewing trade. If you were one of the owners. W.D Warwick, as chairman and presumably large shareholder in Warwicks & Richardson, certainly seems to have had a bob or two.

"Mr. W. D. Warwick's Will.—Mr. William Deeping Warwick, of Balderton Hall, Newark, chairman of Messrs. Warwicks and Richardsons, Limited, the Newark Brewery, of Messrs. Morris's Rutland Brewery Company, Limited, and of Messrs. McGeorge and Heppenstalls, Limited, wine and spirit merchants, of Newark, who died 30th May last, aged sixty-nine years, left estate of the grots value of £83,153 8s. 8d., of which the net personalty has been sworn at £32,462 15s. 1d. Probate of his will, dated 7th June, 1905, with two codicils, has been granted to  his widow, Mrs. Emily Sarah Warwick, his son, Mr. William Arthur Warwick, both of Balderton Hall, and Mr. Charles John Huskinson, solicitor, of Newark. The testator left £500, his personal effects, and consumable stores, horses, carriages, live and dead stock, and his smaller effects at Balderton Hall, to his wife Mrs. Emily Sarah Warwick, absolutely, together with the use for life of Balderton Hall and the balance of his household effects, and an annuity of £1,500. He left £205 and 200 ordinary shares in Warwicks and Richardons, Limited, to his son William Arthur Warwick, an annuity of £250 to each of his children Henry Branston Warwick, Emily Clara Greenwood, and Gladys Mary Beaumont, and £105 to Mr Chas. John Huskinson. He directed that the residue of his property should accumulate during the life to his wife, and on her decease left 800 shares in Warwicks aud Richardsons, Limited, to his son William Arthur Warwick, 500 such shares and £5,000 upon trust for his son Branston Warwick, £7,500 upon trust for each of his daughters Emily Clara Greenwood and Gladys Mary Beaumont, and their respective issue, and the residue of his property to his said two sons in equal shares, giving them successively the option of the purchase of Balderton Hall, and those effects there not left to his wife for £12,000."
Grantham Journal - Saturday 26 July 1913, page 2.
The first thing I wanted to know was: where was Balderton Hall. If it was worth £12,000 it must have been a substantial property. One of the reasons I'm wondering is that I grew up in Balderton and I'm trying to think of a house of that size in the village. There is one I can think of, just past the church on Main Street. This:

And it's called "Old Hall". My guess is that this is it. It's way larger than any other house in Balderton. Fancy that. I never knew one of the Warwicks lived close to where I grew up. I wonder when the last Warwick moved out?

William Arthur Warwick was obvously W. D. Warwick's dedicated heir. I wonder if he was company chairman, too?


Phil said...

I wonder if William Deeping Warwick was any relation to the novelist Warwick Deeping.

Roel Mulder said...

I suspect this is the place:
See also:;EQUALS;NCCE001754&action=zoom&pos=185&id=42000&continueUrl=

Unknown said...

He lived at the New Hall (now in Fernwood), not the Old Hall.

Anonymous said...

William Deeping Warwick was George Warwick Deeping's first cousin, both being grandchildren of William Warwick of Pickering 1794-1838.