Thursday 21 December 2017

NEIPA, CAMRA and Wetherspoons

Thanks to Boak & Bailey for explaining the best beer clickbait terms. Now I just have to construct a post that somehow lives up to its title.

NEIPA. A hot topic currently. Some have suggested it represents a seismic shift in beer culture. Others that it's just a passing fad. This is where it's great having your head stuffed up the past's arse as much as I have. Only time will tell. Speculation now is just, well, speculation. 23rd December 2022, to be precise. Until then, anything written about the historic significance of NEIPA is just waffle.

In the 1950's, British beer geeks would have assumed Brown Ale, Milk Stout, Keg Bitter and Light Ale were the drinks of the future. And we all know how that turned out. By the 1990's these styles were as cool as Rick Astley and as sexy as scabby tramp.

Forty years, that took, I hear you complain. True, but the geeky internet world has speeded trends up a treat.

Right, just need to work in CAMRA and Spoons now.

Returning to the theme of the long term, forking out for a CAMRA life membership was one of my best decisions ever. How much dosh has that saved me? Not to mention all the free tokens at beer festivals over the years. Best investment ever.

When I first took my kids to Wetherspoons, I was also thinking long term. About what I could do with them in the UK once they were adults. Take them to Spoons, obviously. Getting them accustomed to the unique atmosphere was one of my key aims in our visits to Britain. Cola light for Alexei, cranberry juice for Andrew, strongest cask beer they have and two double Bells, no ice, for Dad.

Now they ask: "Dad, can we go to Wetherspoons, please?" And, "If you're getting youself whisky, can I have a vodka?"

That was easier than I thought. Constructing a post around three randon clickbait terms. Could be a new theme. Throw some more clickbait at me and I might write more crap like this. Or not, depending on my mood.

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John Smith said...

Oh jeepers...Hand Crafted, Artisinal, Local Sourced.
Would London Murky qualify?
I just learned that one in searching for geeky beer terms.