Tuesday 12 December 2017

Dreams coming true

When I first saw this Warwicks & Richardsons price list, I was sure of one thing. I'd never know exactly what all these beers were like. Becasue none of their brewing records had survived. Or so I believed.

Edd Mather recently put me right on that front. That there are some records from the two big Newark breweries, Holes and Warwicks & Richardsons, in Nottingham.

My schoolfirend Henry - who lives in Nottinghamshire - duly trailed over to take some snaps. Including ones of their 1910 brewing book. Just four years after the advert.

I've not completely sucked out all the goodness from the snaps, but I've spotted most of the beers in the ad. A would have confused the hell out of me without knowing for sure that it was a Strong Ale. It would have been my guess, despite it making no sense. A would usually designate a low-gravity beer.

I'm so excited about this. Especially as Henry has a brewery, Cat Asylum. We can bring Warwicks IPA back to Newark. How cool would that be.

Lots more about Warwicks & Richardsons beers to come.

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