Monday, 25 December 2017

Drinkalongathon 2017: goat and Marlbrough

We always have goats cheese pasties as a starter. Very nice they are. I hace special ones without the honey. As no sugar ever passes my lips.

Which is slightly odd given what a proponent of brewing sugar I am. Then again, it's not brewing sugar I drink but the lovely alcohol the yeast transforms it into.

If our house is looking magical at Christmas, it's only because I've been choosing the angles carefully.

"Don't get all that crap in the pictures, Ronald."

"Crap? I can't see any crap."

"All those beer bottles all over the floor. You said they'd be gone by Christmas."

"Pretty sure I said after Christmas."

"Shall I open one or two bottles of wine for the main course?"

"Two." Now Alexei drinks wine, one bottle isn't enough. I'll blame him if we all become alcoholics.

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