Monday 18 December 2017

Warwicks & Richardsons AK

Now here was a surprise. Newark was famous for AK. Except it was Holes AK, Not Warwicks.

So I was pretty surprised to find this advert:

Shipley Times and Express - Saturday 01 April 1893, page 1.

It’s left me wondering a few things. When did Warwick stop brewing AK? And why? Was the brand becoming too associated with their rival?

Where they were advertising is odd, too. Shipley is in West Yorkshire, outside the area where I thought Warwicks traded. Which I thought was pretty exclusively the East Midlands. Those six gallon casks they’re advertising are non-standard, too.

A shilling a gallon is the standard price for a Light Bitter like AK. It would have had an OG 1045-1050º.

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