Monday, 25 December 2017

Drinkalongathon 2017: fino and TOTP

It's been a slow start to the day. It's almost 2 PM and I'm only on my second drink. Which is another fino sherry.

I've been busy with dinner. Making the sruffing, stuffing the duck, finding a roasting tray big enough to take the duck. Busy, busy, busy. Bird roasting, I can now relax.

I notice they're sticking with female presentors for Top of the Pops. Probably a good idea if they want to be able to repeat the programme in 20 years time.

The kids are discussing one of Alexei's presents, a bottle of Tanqueray. They're impressed that it's 47.3% ABV. "That's typical of Dad, buying the strongest one." What a tstrange impression of me the kids have,


Robp said...

Had one of mine. Thinking of having one of yours next. 1869 Simmonds SB (made this with Chevallier malt), 1909 Maclay's Oat Malt Stout, 1914 Courage Imperial Stout. Which, though?

Ron Pattinson said...

Robert Pugh,

1914 Courage Imperial Stout would be my choice. Partly because I wrote a new recipe for it this week. And it's the strongest of the three.