Saturday, 9 December 2017

Historic Lager Festival update

March 3rd at the Urban Chestnut in St. Louis. That's the basic information.

The full lineup of brewers and beers hasn't been finalised yet, but there are some very impressive names already committed. I can barely contain my excitement. Especially now I know there will be Kulmbacher, a beer I've wanted to try since I first learnt about it.

It's going to be the beer festival of the year. For me, at least. I'm pretty sure nothing like it has ever been staged before. Another dream that's coming true.

More details to come, as I get them.


Brando said...

Hey Ron,
I'd love to participate in some fashion, but I can't seem to find out any info on it. Do you by chance have a link?

Ron Pattinson said...

Brando V,

I think they're waiting until the lineup of brewers is settled.

Jeff Renner said...

Sounds great. Hope they have an American preprohibition Lager.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,
are you referring to a brand (like Mönchshof) or a "style" like Dunkles Export? The Mönchshof brand is easy enough to get here, getting the flip-top bottles surviving a postal trip to Amsterdam would be the challenge, I guess. Only that I think their beers are good overall, but nothing too special.

Cheers, Sebastian

Ron Pattinson said...


no, the true Kulbacher style: 16º Plato, near black, heavily hopped.

David said...


Any news on the status of this fest? I added to my calendar when I read your post, and just got a reminder. UCBC website is not showing anything about it? I e-mailed them too.