Thursday, 20 December 2012

Thrale cup update

Skilled Swiss craftsmen are at this moment finalising their fully-crafted design for the Thrale Cup. I've seen the preliminary drawings and, I must confess, I cried. So much beauty. If the real thing looks 3.4% as good, I'll be 207% euphoric.

But, having been stung on trophies before - don't order them from anywhere they don't speak German - I'm awaiting delivery before releasing an image. You'll just have to believe me that the trophy will be well worth winning.

Not forgetting the other prize - any of my many books.

I can't quite remember how many there are. I was cataloguing my Mini Book Series yesterday. I should have done it ages ago. Then I wouldn't have multiple books with the same volume number. Or the odd missing volume. I'm sure it will all sort itself out in the end.

Before I forget. In January, I'll be making a once-in-a-lifetime offer. A very special Mega Book. A one time only* chance to buy a never to appear again* special edition Mega Book*. Hand-crafted by elves*, this very special* Mega Book will be a great way of disposing of all your spare post-holiday cash.

* unless I decide otherwise

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Lady Luck Brewing said...

All your volumes in one book, for one low. low price?
The suspense is killing us...