Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Drinkalongathon 2012 - some white wine and some food


The acidity of the white wine - "What sort is it, Dolores?" "Sauvignon Blanc. Wild Pig brand." - cuts the . . . no used cut already . . . . disects the creamy flumpiness of the goats cheese. And washes the oil olive of the salad dressing nicely off my lips. Don't want anything oily on my beer glass.

"OK, port"

"No, not until later, Dolores. I've not finished the whisky yet."

"Do you want to spoil some spuds, Ronald?"

"Yes, it's my speciality."

I think my aural comprehension might be failing.

Got your string ready yet? Mine's right here, next to a boiled egg and a tube of E45 cream.

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