Monday, 17 December 2012

Decoction! reminder

I was pleased with the showing of "Decoction!" in my discount poll. Joint fourth with 6 votes. Just outside the discount places.

No other book ever published is quite like it. I can say that with confidence. Because it nails together three not-all-that-related themes. It's really three mini-Mini Books: Lager!*, Extinct!**  and Lagerland!*** Three books! For the price of  just four!

It hasn't impressed everyone. One homebrewer called it boring. And complained of the horrible colours of the tables. That's been fixed, the table colours. He had a point. But boring? I'll let you decide.

Some critics have compared "Decoction!" to War and Peace**** in terms of style and tone. Ii wouldn't be appropriate for me to comment, but the words masterful, seductive and gripping are in the dictionary.

Buy "Decoction!" now!. Even though I haven't kancoked down the price.

ebook and Kindle versions are also available.

* 19th-century bottom fermentiong beers and decoction mashing
** extinct German top-fermenting styles
*** travels in Lagerland
**** not Tolstoy's War and Peace. My far superior "War! and Peace!".

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