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A guide to the beers of Edwardian Britain. The styles of the day, and how to brew them, are described in obsessive detail. London beers, Burton Ales, enigmatic Scottish Ales are all itemised and dissected.


The story of British brewing between WW I and WW II. The brewing techniques, ingredients and beer styles of the period are described in more detail than you could possibly want.


Everything you need to know about Mild. Its history, how to brew it, what it was like 100 years ago, what it was like 50 years ago. What it was like when I were but a lad. And lots of recipes. Real recipes based on documents in brewing archives. 


The story of British beer and brewing during WW I and WW II. 


Everything you ever wanted to know about Porter and Stout. . . and lots more. The history, the characteristics, the breweries, the grists and numbers. Way too many numbers. Recipes. Almost forgot, there are 11 historic recipes.