Monday, 24 December 2012

Ale for inmates

This little report highlights the most annoying thing about teetotallers: not their choice to deny themselves alcohol, but their insistence on everyone else not drinking as well. Like religious fanatics, they consider their own beliefs so perfect, that the whole world has to adopt them.

Well they can just fuck right off. Sorry, if that didn't come over very christmasy. Trying to deny the poorest of the poor a little christmas cheer doesn't make me feel very charitable.

Christmas fare for the inmates was discussed by the Colchester Board of Guardians on Tuesday.—Mr. Lord, moving that the usual quantity of beer be supplied to those inmates who preferred it, said his resolution was mild as the beer itself. (Laughter.) He wished ail the Guardians a Christmas — even those who did not agree with his resolution, and who preferred water or ginger-pop to beer.—Mr. Cater, seconding, said the small quantity of beer the inmates would get could never harm them.—Mrs. Fox hoped they would never allow the inmates any beer. There would fewer in the House but for the curse of drink. —Mr. Pritchard said beer was not necessary for human beings.—Mr. Osborn asked what quantity of beer was allowed at Christmas?—A Guardian: One pint.—Mr. Lord's resolution was carried by 12 votes to 5.—Mrs. Fox (looking at the Rev. T. S. Raffles) ; I am surprised the rev. gentleman did not vote against the resolution.—The Rev. T. S. Raffles: I am not a teetotaler, and I don't see why the poor people should not have glass if they want it. (Hear, hear.)
Chelmsford Chronicle - Friday 01 December 1922, page 2.

Good on the Reverend Raffles for putting the killjoy Mrs. Fox in her place. I suppose she was one of those nutcases who didn't believe Jesus drank, despite all the evidence to the contrary in the bible.

I realise that I should have explained exactly who these inmates were. It was the Board of Guardians for the workhouse.

Mrs. Fox, what a total Jeremy Hunt.

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