Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Book-tarting mode

While I'm in book-tarting mode, I'll remind you that there's also a Kindle version of "Bitter!"

There's no discount on this one. Technical reasons. I'd explain why, but this is meant to be a brief, light-hearted post.

The Kindle version is like the printed book, just much less papery. And cheaper.

That reminds me of something. The changing balance in sales between virtual and print. Most of the year, it's well in favour of the e-generation. Come wintery holiday-type time, it swings solidly back to paper. My explanation? Presents.

So why am I tarting an electronic book? Because I'm stupid. (Did I forget a question mark there.  ?  ) No. I've another reason. Obviously. (If I hadn't, answering the first question "no" would have been pretty stupid.)

You want to know what that reason is, don't you?

I would tell you. It's such a good one, I'm sure you'd totally understand my actions. If I told you it.

I expose plenty of myself here. But there's a limit. Some things, I keep to myself. Random, stupid things. Just like me.

My reason for plugging this book is one of those things.

Before I forget, best plug it:

Buy the Kindle version of "Bitter!". For reasons I won't divulge.


Anonymous said...

Before I buy, questions. Are the kindle versions PDF compatible and will there be currency conversion/delivery issues for us across the pond?

Ron Pattinson said...

Anonymous, I've no idea if kindle books are pdf compatible. I'm not even 100% sure what that means.

There shouldn't be any currency or delivery problems. You can always order it through Amazon in the US.