Monday, 24 December 2012

Santa drinks Mild

Here's a little tip for all good little boys and girls who want to impress Santa: leave out some Mild for him.

I realise that me and Santa have much in common: our svelte form, red nose and a tendency to laugh at inappropriate times.

Little City Girl's Kind Thought Rewarded !

Thoughtful Sonia Coad (aged 5), of 80, Beaumont-road, Plymouth, is a proud and happy little girl this Christmas.

On her daddy's suggestion she left a bottle of mild ale for Father Christmas, with the message that "no doubt he would be very tired and thirsty by the time he arrived at her chimney, and would he accept a present from her with her love."

Sonia's excitement over the toys Santa had brought was completely eclipsed when she saw the empty bottle and a signed photograph of Father Christmas himself thanking her for her kind thought. "
Western Morning News - Tuesday 30 December 1947, page 3.

If mykids are reading this, Dutch Santa prefers St Bernardus Abt.


Arctic Alchemy said...

Merry Christmas Pattinson family !

BryanB said...

Indeed - Frohe Weihnachten, Pattinsons!

BryanB said...

PS. Santa drinks Mild, but Satan drinks Duvel...