Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Ales

What could be more Chrismasy than Mild Ale?

 North Devon Journal - Thursday 14 December 1911, page 1.

That reminds me. I actually do have some Mild Ale to drink this Christmas: the Meantime Royal Wedding beer. That's based on Lovibond's XXXX Ale specially brewed for Christmas. So not just a Mild Ale, but a real Christmas Mild Ale. How cool is that?

35 Bear Street, Barnstaple is now a bed shop.


Anonymous said...

I've got a small collection of pre decimal coins including a few florins which could have been used in 1911.A florin could buy two gallons of mild!
Unfortunately I don't have any sovereigns, but it's amazing to think that a single coin could buy 20 gallons of beer at the time.

rod said...

Oh, thanks, Ron - I've still got a couple of bottles of the Lovibonds XXXX, which I'd forgotten about! Might open one in a minute' and join you!