Saturday, 5 December 2015

Ter Brugge

Me and Dolores walked down to Ter Brugge, a pub at the end of the Overtoom, for a beer this afternoon. They'd cancelled the scheduled rain, luckily. Dolores suggested we go out. I didn't need asking twice. I feel it's my duty to visit a pub at least once a week. Should be more, I know, but I''m an old, battered shell of a human being. That's how I feel at 6:30 when the alarm goes off (in my head) and I spring out of bed, cat-like, and head for the day's first toilet experience.

Pulled pork. On the menu at Ter Brugge. That says it all. And the Aberdeen Angus burgers.

"Amsterdam is changing fast, Dolores. Pub food is getting more like in the US."

"They still have bitterballen and uitsmijters. And La Chouffe."

"For the moment. No Westmalle any more. But some crafty stuff. Like and ."

Got to hand it to the one lass running the whole show, she managed to keep everyone well served.

I still like the place. It's fascinating to see how it's evolving. I've lived in Amsterdam 25 years. More change in the last five years than in the twenty before that. Most of it good, beer-wise. Other than the pricing. Ball-squeezing prices often come hand-in-scrotum with the C-word.

I quite like US pub food.

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