Saturday, 12 December 2015

Random Dutch beers (part seven)

I'm going to be able to drag this out longer than you might expect. Thank you resurgent Dutch brewing for making my life easier. Even if some of the beers do make me want to retch. And not in a good way.

First, an old favourite. Well, sometimes favourite, sometimes just old. One year I bought half a dozen from Ton Overmars and every single bottle was different, ranging from sublime to crap. Not sure how they pulled that off in a single batch. Anyway, let's give the 2015 version a try.

't Ij Ijndejaars 9% ABV
It's a deep amber colour, with a jaunty enough head. At least after I beat it with my degasser for a minute or twelve. Smells spicy. A bit like Christmas, but not quite as celebratory. Spicy as cheap aftershave in the mouth, with some of that house yeast flavour. Which is pleasant enough. In moderation. Not bad, actually. I may pick up a few more bottles.

I'd ask Dolores her opinion, but she's busy writing Christmas cards. Not wise to interrupt her at such times.

Next one from a kitless brewer:

Pampus Wisselhop #01/2015 Sorachi Ace 6.7% ABV
Bit of a complicated name. I'm guessing this is a one off. What colour could it be but hazy amber?  The head's a bit skinny and white, its ribs sticking out. (Like me and my brother in the 1960's. I spent the whole of my childhood hungry. And all my meagre pocket money on food.) Despite all my beating. Rum punch is the nose. (While I'm on the family jag, one of the few times I saw my Mum pissed was after drinking a few rum punches in Kingston. She wasn't much of a drinker and those things had several double shots in them. Including overproof. She was just as sweet as ever, my Mum.) Finishes dead bitter in a slightly Izal sort of way. Nothing at all wrong with the beer. But probably not one I'd drink again. Just not that keen on the hop flavour. Personal taste thing.

I'd ask Dolores her opinion, but it would just annoy her. I know she hates beer like this. And she knows I know that.

"I know you'd hate the taste, but do you want to have a sniff of my beer, Dolores." I'm such a charmer.


You can't argue with that. At least not if you want to stay married.

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