Thursday, 24 December 2015

Random Dutch beers (part eleven)

Back again with this bullshit. Not been feeling that great.

Another brewery without a brewery. Evidently, the beer is brewed at De Fontein in Stein.

The Sisters Brewery Drone Porter 5.8%
Fairly dark brown. Smells like beer and nothing obviously nasty. Not too bad up front - bit of sweetness, touch of cream - but after that there's a wave of vegetable nastiness, with a touch of roast lurking in shame at the back. Literally leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. Mr. sink here it comes. And only 3.10 for 33 cl. Nice label.

Next is one from another non-brewery, but whose beers have mostly been OK.

Pampus Seeheld Pale Ale 5.5%
I always open beer next to the sink. This beer reminded me why. It exploded out of the bottle, all over my hand, on the work surface, down the sink. I doubt I got 10 cl. in the glass. The few drops there are, have a mucky orange colour. From the aroma, I'd guess Warrior and Citra hops. But there's something else? What is that? Something older. Bramling Cross? Only joking. They've helpfully listed the hop varieties on the label. Quite nice and bitter. Is citra the one that has the disinfectant edge to it? Quite fruity underneath the bitterness. Just a shame it pre-emptively threw itself down the sink. I'd quite liked to have drunk it all. Unlike the first beer.

The address on the label isn't far from where I live. And I worked somewhere even closer, on the same street, Johan Huizingalaan.

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