Friday, 25 December 2015

Drinkalongathon 2015 - coffee and carols

When to open the Isay? Now. Dolores has insisted on putting some religious stuff on the telly. Something spritual. What better to accompany it than s spitit. Lagavullin 16-year-old, to be precise.

The coffee snuggles up nicely with the raw smokiness of the whisky. And the fuzziness in my head is perfect for annoying the god-bothering in the background.

"It's a bit early for whisky, isn' it, Ronald?"

Well, it's your fault, really. I don't say. Some things are best kept to yourself.

Wondering if we'll see the kids today. Andrew went to bed just before 8 AM. Alexei just as me and olores were getting up.

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Bier in Nederland said...

No abt between IPA and Islay? How sad. I'm in a train sipping only coffee, now that's what I call dull. Really wondering about this string issue. By the way, Van Vollenhoven's Stout is no longer brewed by Troost. There's a start-up for a new VV brewery in the eastern part of town and these guys have already brewed it themselves this year. Meant to open in 2016. Thanks for the Westergasfabriek post, I had no idea.