Sunday, 6 December 2015

Random Dutch beers (part five)

It's skivey, skive, skive time as I continue my pointless bollocks about modern Dutch beers.

So many new Dutch beers have popped up in Ton Overmars I'll be able to keep this up for quite a while. Not sure I can be arsed to go all the way into town to Bierkoning to search for more once I've exhausted the supply at Overmars.

Hopefully there won't be any duff ones this time out. This bunch has a good reputation Should be a safe bet, shouldn't it? Especially as it cost over 3 euros for 33cl.

Uiltje Met je Cascade Groene Trui 8.4% ABV
Hazy golden colour, fluffy white head, like whisked egg whites. Smells like marmalade. More like grapefruit in the gob. Obviously at least a shitload, maybe a shitload and a half, of US hops. Fair enough, as it is billed as a double IPA. And a fair enough stab at the style. Not quite hitting the heights of cask Deschutes Fresh-Squeezed IPA, but a very respectable beer. Phew! The last few new Dutch beers I've tried were stinkers. Quite literally in a couple of cases.

Jopen Grateful Deaf Rye IPA 6% ABV
Seems to be a collaboration with Ken Fisher of Oregon, USA. Bit pricey at €3.10 for 33cl. And only 6% ABV. It's what I'd call a breakfast IPA: all grapefruit, orange juice, marmalade and bacon. The last once's a joke. But now I think about it, a Schlenkerla-like bacon smokiness would really round this beer out. Just a shame I don't have a bottle of their Bock to hand. Bit subdued in the mouth in terms of fruit, but pretty bitter. Finishes a bit thin, but I have just been drinking a Double IPA. The bitterness really lingers, in a lemony and slightly tobocco sort of way. Like washing up liquid with a bit of fag ash in it. In a good way.

More of this crap to come until I have time to write some proper stuff.

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