Friday, 25 December 2015

Drinkalongathon 2015 - bacon sarnie and Ij IPA

Dull, I know. I've gone for the same breakfast combo as last year.

Pacing, that's what Christmas day drinking is all about. Don't shoot yout bolt to early, is what I say. Or is it Dolores?

The bittery hoppiness of the IPA compares and contrasts with the salty baconiness of the, er, bacon. And co,plements perfectly the camp junkiness of Celebrity Come Dine With Me. It's the perfect start to a very special day.

Must nip off now to start sharpening my string. Remember it needs to be sharp at both ends. Schoolboy error to just sharpen one end.

Big question of the day: when do I open the Islay. Lagavullin this year, by the way. Bought it myself. Just as well, because none of the other bastards in my family bothered.

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