Friday, 4 December 2015

Random Dutch beers (part four)

Anyone out there? I thought not. But that won't be stopping me stumbling through a few more low-quality beer reviews.

I spent the morning writing an article on German Porter for the BeerAdvocate Magazine. To celebrate finishing it, I've cracked open a bottle of Porter, namely:

De Vriendschap NDSM Porter 6%
De Vriendschap is another of the new Amsterdam breweries. But one , so far, without its own kettles. According to RateBeer, this was brewed at Sallands Landbier in Raalte. It's a pretty dark brown colour with a cream-coloured head. Smells of roast and rusty nails. In the gob it's . . . sour. And roasty. Not a great combination. I'm sure it was OK last time I drank a bottle. Something has definitely gone here. Looks like another one for the kitchen sink to drink.

"Dolores, try this."

"No, I'm not having the lining of my mouth scoured off again."

Now for a beer from my standard rotation.

A modern drinking IPA. Not as tropical-fruit laden as some US market-stall IPAs, but fruity enough to be distracting. At least in the low-stimulus environment of my computer screen. Where I sit as I write. At a crappy, rusty computer table. It's got a sort of lemon zest / pith thing going on at the arse end. Not in a bad way. It gets extra points from me for being effing consistent. And without any faults.

"What are you doing, Ronald?"

"Making up some bollocks about the beer I'm drinking. Beer journalism, I think they call it."

"Why are you doing that?"

"Much easier than all the fact-based crap. That takes work."


Anonymous said...

"What are you doing Ronald?" - presumably that comment was based on what she saw on the screen as you wrote about the IPA, Ron. I tried the new-ish t'Ij Blonde beer the other day (grey/gold sort of label), that was quite nice if not a little bland.

I agree about consistency being important. The Chimay Triple in the new/old labelled style is OK when chilled, in my recent experience, if you want a fairly easy-going blonde.

Your random reviews are good, but that Dolores knows what she is talking about. Darcy says thanks for the bacteria package she sent.


The Beer Nut said...

It sure is. Facts suck!

Ron Pattinson said...


Dolores was really pleased to hear that it arrived OK. She was a bit worried about customs getting suspicious about it.