Friday, 20 February 2009

My publishing empire

I've just sent volume IV of my Mini Book Series off to the printer. The minibook project is continuing. It isn't one of those things I've forgotten about.

Volume IV is entitled "Decoction!", in case you'd forgotten. Rather a loose title, as the book doesn't only cover decoction mashing. It's packed full of central European beer fun. Really. Even Mike might enjoy some of it. I explained this to Mike on Monday evening in Wildeman.

"I'm getting another book printed, 'Decoction!'." To which Mike replied: "Sounds fascinating. But I think I'll wait until 'Trips!' comes out." "It's not just about decoction techniques, you know." "I still think I'll pass."

Ungrateful bastard.

What is the point of this post? I've been trying to work that out. Probably not what it was when I wrote the first paragraph. Andrew has been nagging me about the books again. "Why don't you sell them over the internet?" he asks. It's a good question. What do you think?

One thing is certain. Any books for sale won't be identical to the ones I hand out.

There are a couple of options for selling books. I could go the pdf route. You send me the money, I send you a pdf. If you wanted a hard copy, you'd have to print it yourself. An alternative is to make the book orderable from Lulu (the people who publish it). You pay them and they send you a printed copy. The profit is then passed on to me.

So many options. With my trademark indecision, I can't work out which is the best route. Please decide for me.


Anonymous said...

Any reason the two are mutually exclusive?

Ron Pattinson said...

I suppose there isn't. I was just wondering what people's preference would be.

Bill said...

Although I would like a bound version it is slow and costly to ship across the puddle. That being said it would be impossible to get a signed first edition PDF. A conundrum, think I need a beer.

Anonymous said...

Call me a Luddite, but I'd rather have an old school book. I haven't gotten all the way through Amber, Gold and Black simply because of the format. It's great, and I'm loving it, but reading it from my computer isn't the same.

Anonymous said...

Although I had doubts initially, I am tending now to prefer the e-book approach. Reading Amber, Gold & Black as I have in that form is different than in hard copy but I am getting used to it. Also, it has advantages over the latter: less costly and it has a search function.


Jim Johanssen said...

Old School Book, It will be around long after the PDF file is obsolete and less possibility of piracy from file sharing.

Add me to the presale list,I want the Decoction book!!!


Andrew Elliott said...

After self-printing Amber, Gold & Black and binding it in a 3-ring binder, I really would prefer a pre-bound edition. A digital edition would also be handy to have, especially if there is no index. I want one... of all of them!

Mark Andersen said...

I would love it if you sold your books on the internet. PDF form is fine with me.

I especially would like to get a copy of the Decoction book.

Anonymous said...

This isn't an answer to your question, but a simple observation.

Mike really needs his own personal copy of "Decoction."