Monday, 23 February 2009

Alexei's Life

There's one rule you soon learn as a parent: don't favouritise one child. It can reach crazy proportions. Counting out the number of chips each gets, for example. Or getting the ruler out to measure the width of pie slices. Me and my brother were exactly the same.

Or a bit like the BBC. Where, for balance, Labour, the Conservative and the Lib Dems all get their say. You get the drift. It's Lexie's turn for an advert from dad.

I can't complain (though I probably will). Lexie has furnished me with reams of quality material. It's only fair that I push his book in return. Doesn't cost me anything, either.

So buy "Alexei's Life". A sad little boy is sitting at his computer, waiting. A tear is in his eye. You don't want to torture a poor innocent, do you?

You can find a button (courtesy Andrew) to heal his pain to the left.


Anonymous said...

If we buy the book, do we get a complementary Achy-47 as well?

Ron Pattinson said...


You do get a view into Lexie's crazy mind.