Saturday, 28 February 2009

Brewing the past

Time for another project. I haven't started one in days. Any guesses as to what it might be? The title may give you a hint.

You may have spotted my interest in beers of bygone days. Interest is putting it lightly. Full-blown obsession is more like it. I do my best to get a few old recipes brewed for me. But there are limits to how far I can take that. Some things are never going to fly as commercial beers. De Molen has a limited brewing capacity. I'm a lazy git. There are loads of reasons why I can only commission a few beers each year.

I've noticed that I get quite a few homebrewers reading my blog. (Mike: "You should drop that homebrewing shit.") Why don't I inspire them to brew old recipes? Seems like a perfect match. I provide the recipes, you lot do all the work. I can't see a downside. Apart from not necessarily getting to drink the finished product.

Project get-my-homebrewer-readers-to-brew-old-beers has already begun. The first recipe was posted yesterday. More will follow. As it's almost March Mild Month, expect loads more installments of "Let's brew Mild!"

It has crossed my mind to make it a competition. Bringing as many of these recreations as possible would be nice. But where? Dolores won't let you lot in the house. So no chance of holding it at mine. Maybe one of the festivals on the geek circuit like GBBF or Essen. Your suggestions are welcomed.


Anonymous said...

I'm eagerly awaiting your mild recipes!

Anonymous said...

Yeaaah haaa. Thx for your work! Hoppy regards, Dom