Sunday, 8 February 2009

Blind Tiger

Just a short post today. I leave for Amsterdam this evening and have lots still to do.

I made it to the Blind Tiger yesterday. I'm so glad I did. I has a couple of excellent cask-conditioned beers and a Palm. The last one is a joke. It was weird seeing Palm amongst all the American micro beers. It was more expensive, too Why on earth would anyone buy it?

About the only negative was that it was packed. Then again, it was Saturday. I also nipped into the Half Pint. They were out of cask beer and it had ludicrously loud music. I didn't stay long.

I'm typing this in the lobby of the Chelsea Hotel. There's no wifi in the rooms. It's an impressive place. It's not so much a room as a small flat, complete with kitchen. Nice to see that Dylan Thomas lived here during his final binges. Very appropriate.

I'll post more about My mini pubcrawl tomorrow. If I can keep my eyes open.


Mark Dredge said...

The Blind Tiger is way up my 'Pubs to do' list. I'm trying to plan a trip to New York for later this year.

Stonch said...

Regarding it being packed as a "negative". Surely you don't want to see a pub empty? If it was - particularly on a Saturday night - you can be sure it won't be open next time you visit...

Ron Pattinson said...

I hadn't expected to be so crowded when I arrived at 14:00. I was lucky to get a seat. Around the same time on Sunday it was busy, without being so full you couldn't move.

My legs aren't what they were. They demand a seat if I'm having more than one. And you know me. I always have more than one.

Great place, though. I'll definitely go back, should I be in New York again.

Mark, defintely somewhere you should go. The cask in particular was very nice. All in good condition and not too cold.