Monday, 23 February 2009

Child labour

It's half term for the kids this week. Andrew was already complaining about getting bored yesterday. Before his holiday had even started. Big mistake on his part. "I know something you could do to keep you occupied, Andrew."

To be fair, Andrew was keen enough when I told him what it was he could occupy his time with: working on my books. Why was he so keen? Simple, I let him keep half of the money I make from the books. What we earned yesterday alone is a small fortune for Andrew.

One of the Mini Book volumes Andrew will be working on is "Decoction!". The printed copies arrived this morning. I'll start sending them out tomorrow. Andrew will put the "for sale" version together.

If you look at the book purchasing buttons to the left (also Andrew's work) you'll see one for "Andrew's Comic". This is one of Andrew's own publishing projects. I've reproduced the cover to the right. It would make his day if someone bought one.

More homebrewing fun tomorrow. Mike will be so pleased. He loves it when I post "homebrewing shit" as he call it.

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