Friday, 13 February 2009

Blind Tiger (full story - part two)

This is part two of my first Blind Tiger experience. Being the second half of something, it starts rather abruptly. Hence this extra preamble. Uh . . . yeah . . .

A bloke at the bar just offered me a taste of his homemade Barley Wine. He said he'll bring a galss of it over later. I never refuse a beer. Especially if I'm not paying. A couple of beers inside me and all's well with the world. Cask beer. Dontcha just love it? No need for defizzing.

The stranger with the shaven head has just brought over a taster of his Barley Wine. It's pretty good, as well as being free. Very, very dry. The brewer bloke reckoned it had an OG of 1100 and an FG of 1000. Just as well I didn't have a pint. It must be crazy strong. What a friendly bunch Americans are.

It's bizarre seeing names that pop up all the time on beer forums there on the boards. But most are keg. I'd have to ask for a special dispensation from CAMRA to drink keg. I forgot to fill in the form before I left.

Here's a funny thing. In meetings (at work) I often struggle to keep my eyes open. I'm a nodder. Yet in a pub, despite tanking myself up with a depressant, it never happens. I can happily sit in a pub alone for hours. What does that say about me?

Oh, look. They've just put a pin on the bar. That must be the Chelsea Black Hole Stout. Just in time. My glass is only a quarter full. . . . God, they're selling Palm. PALM!! And i's more expensive than everything else. Why the flip would anyone want to drink Palm here?

Chelsea Black Hole Stout
That reminds me. I haven't seen today's footie results. It was a bit scary the way the the barmaid tilted the pin to serve. If the cask's that empty it should be chocked up. I feel inclined to offer my advice, despite knowing bugger all really about cellarmanship. The beer itself is black as Thatcher's heart. It tastes, well, like cask Stout. No surprises there. Quite similar to the last Stout, but with even less carbonation. I'm not complaining.

Some people have just walked past with drinks piled with fruit. A celery stick protrudes jauntily. More a vegetarian meal than a drink. I wonder which beer that is?

Chelsea Brewing Company
Chelsea Piers, Pier 59
New York,
New York 10011.
212 - 336 6440


Anonymous said...

Good stuff, Ron, sounds like a good local experience.

About those drinks with celery sticks: Bloody Marys, perhaps? (Hey I thought the English liked celery!).


dmoore2 said...

Blind Tiger is famous for their Bloody Beers. Well, relatively famous - I just go there for the beer.

Link to their description of a Bloody Beer here:

Ron Pattinson said...

Mmm. . . On the website there's a ghurkin in there, too. I think I'll stick to boring old straight beer.

The Beer Nut said...

I had a tomatoey beer thingy in Cuba. Shan't be doing that again. It's up there with hot Polish lager under Things Not To Drink On Holiday.

Zak Avery said...

Is that the same as a chelada?

Anonymous said...

I thought beer was a vegetarian meal...