Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Imperial Mild!!!!!!

Finally, as promised, my Imperial Mild recipe. I'm so excited. Are you excited? This is finally it. When I reveal the full glory of Imperial Mild. Or XXXX as Truman called it.

I had to go back a fair bit to find it. All the way to 1832. There is a XXXX Ale in the later logs, but it's got a K stuck on the end. So XXXXK. As I understand London logs, not the same as XXXX at all. K = Keeping = Stock = not mild. This is a super-strength Mild.

Truman 1832 Imperial Mild Ale. That has a ring to it. I'd buy a beer called that. I'm sure plenty of others would, too.

So, recipe time. Yep. Time for the recipe.

It's funny when you have kids. Your perspective on the world changes. I might spend 30 hours a day glued to my computer, but I still do my best to give them the odd tattered rag of my attention.

Andrew: "Let's make a magazine, dad!"
Alexei: "Achey 47!"
Ron: "Good suggestion, Lexie. You can write an article on the AK47. And one on vodka."
Andrew: "WW I: Why it wasn't really that depressing."
Ron: "I'll write an Mild Mania! With a recipe for Truman 1832 Imperial Mild Ale. And more exciting 19th and 20th century Milds."
Andrew: "Brilliant, dad. That'll really draw in the readers."
Ron: "What are we going to call the magazine?"
Alexei: "%^&**&^%^$$%%^^&&!!!!"
Andrew: "Shut up!"
Ron: "Shut up! That's perfect."

Issue 1 of "Shut up!" will be out soon. When I've convinced the kids there's money in it. Just think Mild Mania! 150 years of Mild recipes. And Alexei's take on vodka. If you buy one homebrewing magazine/crazy comic/history book this month, it has to be "Shut up!".

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