Friday, 20 February 2009

Amsterdam Pub Guide printed version available now!

The title says it all. Literally.

I asked the question, several of you replied. A couple wanted printed books.

Once I knew your desires, I burst into action. "Andrew! You have to make my books available on Lulu."

"Daaad, I'm trying to learn French vocab."

"What's more important, Andrew? Passing some stupid exams and having a career, or pandering to dad's publishing delusions?"

Just look to your left and you'll see whose argument prevailed. I know you were after other books. My Mini Book Series ones. But there's more work in that. And Andrew has to sleep occasionally. For the moment, only the Amsterdam Pub Guide is available. But in two forms. Black and white and full colour.

If I cut his sleep down to three hours a night, I might get some of the Mini Book Series volumes available over the weekend. . . . Andrew! . . . wake up!


Anonymous said...

S'what childhood's all about. Never feel guilty! Good luck with the books and thanks for the link to Lulu in the previous post, Ron - looks interesting for my own plans to conquer the world!

Gunnar said...

This one comes handy, we are a group of friends going to Amsterdam in sept.- Maybe well take a tour as well....

Joe said...

Now this is news we can use. I'll help spread the word.

Joe said...

And one paperback version purchased.