Saturday, 31 December 2022

Let's Brew - 1812 Truman Stout

Here's a recipe from the earliest surviving Truman brewing book. The one I forgot to process for over 15 years.

With war still raging in Europe, taxes were high in 1812. Which explains the rather modest gravity of this Stout.

In the last few years before the appearance of black malt, London brewers had replaced much of the brown malt with pale malt. But it still made up at least a third of the grist. The result is a colour which today loos awfully pale for a Stout.

Happily, this Truman brewing book didn’t encode the mashing temperatures. Revealing a four-mash scheme. Kicking off with two at around the same temperature, then a hotter one and finishing with another like the first two. Don’t ask me why they mashed this way.

Mash number barrels strike heat tap heat
1 300 162º F 142º F
2 160 168º F 147º F
3 180 182º F 157º F
4 220 161º F 154º F

The fermentation was short and hot, lasting just four days and peaking at 83º F.

One type of hops: English from the 1811 harvest. 

1812 Truman Stout
pale malt 10.25 lb 65.08%
brown malt 5.50 lb 34.92%
Goldings 90 min 2.25 oz
Goldings 60 min 2.25 oz
Goldings 30 min 2.25 oz
Goldings dry hops 0.50 oz
OG 1064
FG 1012
ABV 6.88
Apparent attenuation 81.25%
IBU 79
SRM 24
Mash at 148º F
Sparge at 170º F
Boil time 90 minutes
pitching temp 64º F
Yeast Wyeast 1099 Whitbread Ale

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