Wednesday, 14 December 2022

Let's Brew Wednesday - 1805 Barclay Perkins Brown Stout

This is one of the earliest Stout recipes that I have. And an example of the transitional Stout grists that appeared after moving to a base of mostly pale malt but before the invention of black malt.

Compared to later in the century, there’s a massive amount of brown malt, making up more than 40% of the grist. Though, obviously, there’s no black malt to add colour. Which is why there’s so much brown malt.

The original mashing scheme was more complicated than a simple infusion and sparge, consisting of three separate mashes.

Mash number barrels strike heat tap heat
1 209 166º F 146º F
2 100 186º F 157º F
3 106 160º F 154º F

Only one type of hops was used. On the one hand, they were a classy sort, from East Kent. But they were ancient, coming from the 1801 harvest. I’ve reduced the hopping rate considerably to account for that.

1805 Barclay Perkins Brown Stout
pale malt 10.25 lb 58.57%
brown malt 7.25 lb 41.43%
Goldings 120 mins 1.75 oz
Goldings 90 mins 1.75 oz
Goldings 30 mins 1.75 oz
Goldings dry hops 1.00 oz
OG 1071.5
FG 1026
ABV 6.02
Apparent attenuation 63.64%
IBU 61
SRM 28
Mash at 150º F
Sparge at 165º F
Boil time 120 minutes
pitching temp 62º F
Yeast Wyeast 1099 Whitbread Ale



Raoul Duke said...

I believe that this would have been vatted for quiet some time?

Ron Pattinson said...

Raoul Duke,

yes, at least 6 months, probably longer.