Sunday, 11 December 2011

Kristen speaks

If you want to see Kristen talk about brewing, look no further:


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Congratulations Kristen for the brewery, I smiled at your description of the titanic task of opening a brewery, it's so true. Hope to taste your beers in the future. If I wasn't so far (Québec), I would be most glad to make a collaboration brew one day...

Kristen England said...

Thanks for the nice emails guys. To answer all your questions at once, here would be easy.

- No, we aren't only going to be making historical styles. However, a lot of the special stuff, seasonal, one offs, etc we definitely will be doing. However at the brewery we'll always have a bunch of these historical beers on tap. We have a 3bbl pilot system we will be using for experiments and research like this.

- First we'll probably do is a big K-ale and an IBSt. We are also looking to work an AK into our standard lineup.

- Yes, we will be using a lot of techniques from these old school beers we make. We will be gyling most of our beers for sure. This allows us greater control and also the ability to make some really neat special beers with different gyle blends. Proper gyling...not the way its written in in the 'proper' texts you've seen elsewhere.

- We will only be available in Minnesota for the time being on tap. we will be putting these special beers into larger format bottles (750ml) also but not right away.

When the time comes I'll point you guys to things we have coming up so if you are in the area you can pop in!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reposting this, Ron! Glad we made your blog finally. Cheers, Chip Walton (Northern Brewer/Brewing TV)