Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Gift Idea #1: Mild!

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.
It's two in one today. Not only have I nicked the idea from this post of Stephen Beaumont, I'm also pushing one of my own books.

Christmas is a time for giving. And as I'd like to give my own kids food this Christmas, why not help me out? Buy a copy (or several) of "Mild!" for a loved one or even yourself. How else will you ever be able to drop something like "Did you know all early 19th-century Milds were pale in colour?" or "The role invert sugar in 1930's Dark Mild cannot be underestimated." into your yuletide conversation?

"Mild!" is the definitive history of Mild Ale (at least until I finish "Mild!+"), told through numbers, numbers, tables, more numbers, loads of quotes and the occasional joke of dubious quality.

Buy Mild! today. (Or yesterday, if you're a time-traveller.)


Bailey said...

A great book. Read it and re-read it on a long train journey recently and finally got some of the facts about mild through my thick skull.

Ron Pattinson said...

Bailey, I might use that as a testimonial.

Martyn Cornell said...

I certainly won't be saying "The role of invert sugar in 1930's Dark Mild cannot be underestimated," although I'll probably be saying "The role invert sugar in 1930's Dark Mild cannot be overestimated" at some time this Christmas.

(God I love spotting when people are guilty of overnegation - what an unpleasant arse I clearly am ...)

Ron Pattinson said...

Martyn, IC was going to claim subtle humour, but you've got me bang to rights gov'nor.

Bailey said...

"It's a boon!" Mrs B, Essex