Friday, 23 December 2011

Beer gift #10: War! and Peace!

The horse is still twitching a bit. No need to stop flogging it yet. Not until Christmas day.

Though Christmas is partly about familial violence "I got a clout every Christmas" my Aunt Florrie used to say. She had a long list of Yuletide tales which all ended with her Mum or Dad giving her a belt. It didn't seem to have suppressed her indomitable spirit at all. That's the old-time working class for you. Tough as old nails.

This isn't the dull doorstep by that Russian geezer - what was his name? - about a bunch of posh bastards.No, this War and Peace is much better. Not only does the title contain not one but two exclamation marks, it also contains way more about beer. In fact I don't think the Russian one has even a single mention of beer. How useless is that?

This "War! and Peace!" is a celebration* of er, war and peace. But in a beery way. None of that nasty killing and maiming.

Buy "War! and Peace!" today! One's bound to be appropriate to your country.

* I may have used this once or maybe twice before.

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