Saturday, 17 December 2011

Gift Idea #4: War!

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War uh, what is it good for? Keeping bloody teenagers off the streets and finding a socially acceptable outlet for the murderous proclivities.

Wonder what that grey thing is on the cover? It's one of those crappy German WW I tanks. I thought it was a minimalist tombstone first time I saw it. "It's one of those crappy German WW I tanks." Andrew said.

Like a low-quality music hall performer, I'll leave you with  a song:

Lloyd George's beer, Lloyd George's beer,
At the brewery, there's nothing doing,
All the water-works are brewing,
Lloyd George's beer, it isn't dear
Oh they say it is a terrible war, Oh Lor'
And there never was a war like this before
But the worst thing that ever happened in this war
Is Lloyd George's beer.
Rhyming Oh Lor' with war. Pure genius

Buy "War!" now. Before paper is rationed.

1 comment:

Rod said...

"We are fighting Austria, Germany and Drink, and the deadliest of these foes is Drink!"
David Lloyd George - what a prat.