Thursday, 15 December 2011

Gift Idea #2: Porter!

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

This is perfect. Not only do I get to boost my post count for the year, I might even squeeze out a few extra book sales.

"Porter!" is the definitive history of . . .hang on, Itried that one last time . . . "Porter!"tells the story of Porter in a unique and charming way, from its murky begins in 18th century London, through its decline and near extinction all the way to its glorious revival st the end of the 20th. A two-century romp that will take you to Dublin, India, Australia and even Philadelphia.

Listen to what the critics have to say about "Porter!":

"Please don't hit me with the book again. It weighs a ton. What did you want me to say? . . . . OK. Porter is the bestest book ever written in history of the universe about Porter. Will you get off my chest now?" 
D. Hornbusch.

"Much better than those crappy books in the Classic Beer Styles series. Can I have my tenner now?"
Charlie Australian.

""Porter!" will be a treasure for future generations of your family, an heirloom to be stored carefully and occasionally taken out and caressed."
A. Madeupname.

Don't be a fool to yourself. Buy "Porter!" today! And again tomorrow. And maybe even the day after.


Marcus Oregonensis said...

Testimonial, with plea for continuation of the series:

It is a lovely book, too, and in my case worth the purchase solely for the 1912 Whitbread Porter and SSS recipes (the porter is on cask in my cellar as we speak). I make those regularly. Some of the other 120-odd recipes have had their turn, but there is just something about the pre-WW I grists that really draws me in.

I am very much anticipating the other mega-books in the series, especially "Mild." Until its publication, though, my copy of the mini-book will do.

Bill said...

A tremendous tome but the cover seems to be a bit lacking compared to other books. Second the motion for more Mega-books.

Ed said...

And here's another one:

"Read Porter! It's great!"

Ron Pattinson said...

First Stater, I've been trying to get Andrew to knock me up a new one. No luck so far.

MrsMac said...

Purchased. Shipped. Thanks

Oblivious said...


Ron is the 1912 Whitbread Porter a similar recipe that you did the collaboration with De Molen Porter 1914 ?

Ron Pattinson said...

Oblivious, yes, it's a very similar recipe.

booker_h said...

Any chance of a PDF version of 'Porter!'? Postage to Australia is a killer.

Ron Pattinson said...

booker_h, I'd wanted to keep it as a printed book only.

Have you checked out what the postage is to Australia? Lulu actually print the books in different locations around the world. So books ordered from the UK are printed in the UK. Books ordered from the USA in the USA.

booker_h said...

Bought it! Happy with it, until an unfortunate accident involving winding roads and an esky full of ice water left it rather wet.