Thursday, 22 December 2011

Beer gift #9: Trips! (West)

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Will I make it to the full 12 books of Christmas? 'Course I will. Even if I have to write some new ones. No, still got enough left that I haven't plugged yet.

Which has got me thinking (I do that at least once every day, think). Maybe I should have a special Christmas release. What do you think? There are a couple of possibilities.

First, there's "Can We Go Home now?" That's Mini Book Series volume III. A slim book of tales of travelling with the kids. It's never been available for sale. I had 10 copies printed and gave them to friends.

Then there's "Strong!". It will eventually be Mega Book Series volume IV. But I might be persuaded to release a Mini Book version.

And finally there's "Let's Brew!". Though I'd need to ask Kristen about that. As it stands, it contains 60-odd recipes from the weekly series.

What am I doing? You've completely distracted me.

Buy "Trips! (West)" now.! (It's s pub guide to towns in the West of Germany.)

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