Sunday, 4 July 2010


"Did they just say that the train was going to divide, Mike?"

"Did they? I stopped listening after the first bit."

"I'm sure they did."

Most of the families stuffing our carriage stand up immediately after the announcement. I stand up too.

"Are you sure, Ron?"

What has happened to Mike's German? "Yes. Very sure."

The guard standing on the platform confirms that the train is indeed splitting. We need the back half, which forms a regional express to Bayreuth. Stopping in Trebgast.

The families all pile off with us in Trebgast.

"I hope they aren't going to our pub, Mike." We're stopping in a butchers, hotel, pub. At Mike's insistence. If it were up to him, we'd be spending the whole holiday in butchers.

The families all troop directly into the beer garden of our hotel/butchers/pub. After we check in I suggest to Mike "How about checking out the other pub in the village? They sell the local beer, too."

Dorfschänke, Trebgast, 12:20

Five minutes later and we're sitting outside Dorfschänke. The shades are treeing, the sings are birding, the shine is sunny. And I've a beer in frontt of me. Yippee! Soon I'll have a Schweinebraten, too.

Here's my beer:

Scherdel Lagerbier - my goodnes, beerily full. Bit fizzy, but I won't hold that against it. I don't plan holding anything against it, other than my mouth.

The sun's gone in. My day is now perfect. Perhaps a light drizzle mike might it surpass even perfection.

"Meaty goodness." Mike likes his lunch.

Inside it's mobbed with locals. Yet the staff keep checking if we need anything else. Like beer. I always need more beer. "How about some more beer, Mike?"


Metzgerei Friderich, Trebgast, 14:30

We've just walked up the hill to the church. "There's always a pub within 100 metres of a catholic church." I'd assured Mike. I still hold to that theory. Unfortunately, this church turned out to be protestant. I protestant, baroque church in Bavaria. Who would have expected that? At least we had an uphill walk. And I spotted a Brauerei Haberstumpf van. This one:

We're in the beer garden at Metzgerei Friedrich. The families have thankfully buggered off and it's practically deserted. very pleasant. We're drinking Haberstumpf Helles.

Haberstumpf Helles - godly beer of fullness.

"The thought of having dinner at a butcher's - that's too much for me." 

"Guess we'll be having our tea here, then, Mike."

Life is Helles. But sometimes my mood turns black. Schwarzbier time.

Mönchshof Schwarzbier - blackly full of just good enoughness.

Four doppelte Obstler later and Mike's crazy plan to walk to the next village to catch a bus tomorrow isn't pissing me off quite as much. Not at all, really. And I've pulled. The 2-year old in the high chair on the next table and me have struck up a rapport. Pulling funny faces gets you a long way with pre-schoolers. If only older women were so easy to charm.

The bells are chiming, just as my charming stalls. Time to pay.

Kulmbacherstr 12
95367 Trebgast.
Tel: 09227 373

Gasthof / Metzgerei Friedrich
Kulmbacher Straße 2
95367 Trebgast
Tel: 09227 / 9 41 50
Fax: 09227 / 94 15 50

Brauerei Haberstumpf
Bergstraße 31
95367 Trebgast
Fax 09227/2273


Bill said...

Sounds like the perfect day up until that 'time to pay' part.

Ron Pattinson said...

First Stater,

paying is always the worst bit.

Elektrolurch said...

I do love haberstumpf.....
their regular helles is ok. did you get to try their range of organic beers? their only dunkles isorganic, kalled "kupferkrönla" and is simply fantastic.....
and their brewer is a pretty friendly bloke, too, opened the store for me on a sunday.
and trebgast is such a nice town...