Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Official - it's hot

It's officially hot. As you can see from this photograph:

Guinness Special Export. The only beer I ever put in the fridge.

"Tell them the shandy is mine, dad."


The shandy is Lexie's


Martyn Cornell said...

That's positively artistic, Ron - "Still life with harps". Cooper's Extra Stout is vg from the fridge, too.

ennislaw said...

In some ways folks in the States get a bad rap about cold beer. Currently it's 36ºC (and rising) and even with the a/c running it's 28ºC inside. It doesn't take long for a beer to become very warm when it's poured. So yeah I refrigerate mine, but at the same time, I didn't have any trouble with the temp on cask ales (well, except one pub) when I was in England last October. I hope to make it back to visit the Gunmakers again this October!