Wednesday, 14 July 2010


It's a bit quiet. Just the odd stray pensioner. Even our hotel seems closed. The owner is surprised when we turn up. Seems to have forgotten our reservation.

We go to Deutscher Adler for lunch. It's next door to our hotel. I would have eaten there, but the restaurant is closed on Monday. Like most of the rest of the town. I have a sausage with what appears to be mash from a packet. And a beer.

Rametzer Zoigl (Brauerei Nothaft): Unfiltered goodness. Not real Zoigl, but beerily good.

There's not much going on in town. Nothing at all, to be honest. We watch Holland play while drinking beers picked up at the Getränkemarkt.

Brauerei Simon Spezial: Ambery OK-ness.

"Can I try your Bierschnapps?"

"OK, Mike. As long as I can have a try of your impulse schnapps."

The scrawpy Dutch win.

"Isn't it time for high tea?" Mike asks.

We go to a cafe bakery. The one that's open. Mike has been longing for cake. Kaffee and Kuchen isn't my thing, man. Then I notice the cafe is licensed.  "A coffee and an Obstler, please." Mike orders a cherry cake. When it arrives, I say "Nog ein Obstler, bitte." Germany is such a civilised country. I wonder if Germans appreciate that fully.

After high tea, it's back to my luxury hotel for Japan against Cameroun.

Mike's finished all his impulse schnapps. I can't ignore his puppy-dog face and pour him a Bierschnapps.

"Full of schnappy goodness."

"That's my line, Mike."

This is such a fun town. I bet we'll be out until dawn. Or later. We'll soon find out.

Gasthof Deutscher Adler
Kurhotel Puchtler´s
Kirchenring 4
95493 Bischofsgrün
+49-(0)9276 92606-0

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