Monday, 12 July 2010

Bad Berneck

Bit of a disaster this morning. The only bus from Trebgast wasn't running. Just today. I can't blame Mike for that one.

Mike came up with various crazily complicated alternatives. Like walking to the next village. I suggested a taxi to Bad Berneck. We had to change buses there anyway.

We drop by a supermarket. It's right opposite the bus stop. I get two bananas, razors and a bottle of impulse schnapps. I can't resist. It's so tempting. Standing there, winking at me seductively. I wonder what the girl on the checkout makes of my purchases?

There's a sign for Markt. Historic, it says. We head for it. The street is a bit creepy. Most of the shops are empty. Except for photos of local railway lines that have closed. Cheery stuff.

The Markt doesn't seem anywhere close. And the decorative pavement, with all its cobbles, is starting to knacker the wheels of my suitcase. I say my suitcase. I've borrowed Lexie's. I don't think he'll be very impressed if I break it. Plus Mike has s toileting requirement.

"Let's go back to the town hall, Ron. They're bound to have toilets there."

While Mike's inside, I swiftly knock back my impulse schnapps. It is 9 am, after all. Nothing weird about that.

We drop by the supermarket again on the way back to the bus stop. I noticed earlier they had some decent beer. And there's still half an hour before our bus to Bischoffsgrün arrives. Ah, the guilty pleasure of sitting in a bus shelter drinking straight from the bottle. Like I'm 16 again.

Krug Bräu Lagerbier: guiltily good. Full of morning goodness.

The bus arrives on the dot.  Bischoffsgrün here we come. I wonder if it's as exciting a place as it sounds? Guess we'll find out soon.

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Elektrolurch said...

Bad Berneck is....well, depressing, boring and.... not good for beer;)
Krug is good though. many franconians claim thta it had been way better ten years ago and that the brewery got too big.....
honestly, i don't care for that- its a decent beer and widely aviable, so whats wrong with being a (by franconian standards)big brewery?