Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Harp (yet again)

More details about Harp. I wish I had as much on other beers. Like Barclay Perkins Russian Stout. But I guess, after 200 years, they knew how to brew that.

I've posted this because it has nice details of the hopping scheme. (Interesting to see the aroma additions of Saaz at the end.) And the yeast. Harp Yeast, they used, according to this document. This is just a guess, but my money would be on that being a bottom-fermenting yeast.


Oblivious said...

Lovely use of Stryian Goldings! I wonder if "at steam" is simalr or the same as First wort hopping?

Jez said...

Likely "at steam" means it's boiling, so I would say these would be bittering hops, or when you first start to see the wort boil. First Wort would occur immediately - no steam, when the wort was around mash out temps, likely somewhere around 168*F, I would gather.