Tuesday, 25 December 2012



 String and boiled egg. Living in perfect harmony.

You can probably recognise the bottle of Laphroaig in the background. You'll need that just as much as the string and boiled egg. You could get by with another whisky Just as you could get by with wire instead of string. BUT IT WOULDN'T BE THE SAME.

String and boiled egg. Don't forget.


Gary Gillman said...

Is there something going on here about a flip or "bowl", a mix of beer (to come), sherry or other wine and whisky or brandy? That would fit with the egg, often used raw to thicken the drink. The remainder of each glass would be thrown in a bowl, like the black jugs used to take the leavings at that Weyermann (?) tasting, then the egg would go in, then it would be poured with drama into another bowl or container as they did in Olde England - there were two black leavings jugs at the Weyermann - and down the hatch.

But why the string?


Gary Gillman said...

Oh it's a boiled egg, so I guess the flip/het pint idea won't fly unless it's rather soft-boiled. (Raw egg in food is not a good idea today). Still, I hold out hope, noting lemon amongst the original ingredients list, and rum, all flippish stuff. As is the toast (to lay on top when served).

Obviously the other ingredients are not mostly applicable, but they would be diversionary/whimsical.

The string may be a symbol of binding, the egg binds the other ingredients you see.