Friday, 21 December 2012

Drinkalongathon 2012 shopping reminder

There are just a few days left to get in supplies for what looks like being the merriest Drinkalongathon ever!

I know you wouldn't want to miss out on such a special event through lack of forward planning. For you to say on Christmas morning: "Shit, I've no Lagavullin and no string."

I want to save you from such heartache. That's why I'm repeating the list of the stuff you'll need to have to hand on 25th December. Remember, you must have all the items to fully participate.

1 crate St. Bernardus Abt
8 bottles St. Bernnardus Prior
1 bottle manzanilla sherry
1 bottle fino sherry
1 bottle port (preferably LBV)
1 bottle Lagavullin
1 bottle Laphroaig 
1 bottle Villiers 8
1 bottle Rotkäppchen
1 bottle of some red wine or other
1 small bottle of still water
1 packet paracetamol and codeine
1 meat and potato pie
1 bottle vermouth
1 wheelchair
1 medium-sized plastic bag
2 bottles absinthe
1 mop
2 buckets
1 10 inch piece of string
1 hard boiled egg
1 quarter slice of Warburton thick sliced bread, toasted
1 bottle 8 year old rum, preferably Appleton
1 slice of lemon
1 rasher of thick-sliced smoked bacon
3 toothpicks
2 bottles Guinness Special Export Stout
1 bar soap
1 bottle grappa
4 paper hats
6 paper handkerchiefs
1 miniature vermouth
1 bottle advocaat
3 sardine fillets
1 spare pair underwear
2 spare pairs trousers
6 spoons
7 medium-sized pickled onions
1 1.25 inch diameter Jersey Royal potato, boiled for 6 minutes
1 half bottle overproof rum
2 glasses crank
3 towels, neatly folded
1 red star badge
1 portrait of Stalin (or other dictator of your choice)
1 demijohn applejack
1 pack smackothene
1 wrap crystal myth
1 wrap icing sugar
1 7-inch willow-patterned plate
3 roast parsnips
1 bottle chili beer
6 rolls toilet paper
1 stretcher

Get shopping now!


Rob said...

"1 wrap crystal myth"

I dont know what that is, but I misread it at first. And its a lot easier for me to get to the misread product.

dave said...

Reminded of Fear and Loathing... once you start a collection you push it as far as possible.