Monday, 22 November 2010

Cologne (1)


Matt said...

Based on a pub crawl round Cologne last summer, I thought Früh was OK if a little bland.

My favourite beer was Pfaffen. I know it isn't technically a Kölsch because it's brewed just outside Cologne but I enjoyed its flowery aroma and very delicate malt-hop balance.

At the hoppier end, Päffgen Kölsch is also very drinkable.

Ron Pattinson said...

Matt, I like Früh. It's not bland, just very delicate.

There's a reason why they've stuck with gravity dispense for Kölsch. A beer like Früh gets totally buggered if you start messing around with it.

Päffgen is my favourite. Because it's the hoppiest. I suspect Kölsch has dropped in bitterness over the years.

I've only had a couple of glasses of Pfaffen. First time (not long after it started) I wasn't too impressed. Last time it was much better.