Wednesday, 17 November 2010

London there I go (2)

Here's a question for those of you with your fingers on the throbbing jugular of London: what are some good pubs in Greenwich?

Bit of  a selfish question. I've - unwisely - awoken expectations in Mike. He's expecting me to guide him around the best of London. Even though I know (next to) nowhere outside Clerkenwell. Pubs nice and handy for the London Metropolitan Archives are about the only ones I usually visit. And that one by Liverpool Street station.

I await your suggestions with eager anticipation.


Mike said...

Greenwich Union on Royal Hill has lots to offer.

And The Old Brewery.


Bailey said...

Both suggestions above are sound, although I doubt you'll be able to enjoy the German-style beer garden at the Old Brewery in this weather. (Blimmin' knottling.) The Trafalgar (overhanging the river, beyond the naval college) was good last time I went (Landlord, Pride, both in good nick) but that was a long time ago. The Young's pub right next door to the Union is also good, if you like Young's.

Joe Stange said...

If you do end up in Clerkenwell anyway, please tell Stonch we all say hello.

Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

I rather like the Union and the Old Brewery as well, the Union being a fine place to mull over TS Eliot’s Four Quartets with its emphasis on time and remembrance, given Greenwich and its connection with time…I like doing that sort of stuff, I can’t help it…

Oblivious said...

Another option is the borough market, The market porter is across from the melton mowbray pie stand in borough market (some very very good food), The rake is around the corner and Harvey’s only London pub The royal Oak 5 mins walk

trainman said...

I don't bother with over-priced & over-rated Greenwich much these days but, of the 3 on Royal Hill, I prefer Prince Albert - down to earth & usually something worthwhile among 3/4 handpumps, seems to be the place locally for televised football. Richard I had semi makeover with some ridiculous touches in left-hand bar & is, of course, limited to Wells/Youngs stable. Next door at Union, staff have seemed rather aloof, perhaps wrongly believing themselves to be award-winning, like some Meantime beers, what about summat decent on handpump?
Plume of Feathers might be worth a look but, if you can stretch to 'West Greenwich' (Deptford), the best proper pub with good ale choice is undoubtedly the Dog&Bell.

Rod said...

You obviously really don't get down to overpriced Greenwich much these days, do you? If you did, you would have noticed that -
a) the Prince Albert became The Prince Of Greenwich in mid-April
and now resembles a bistro far more than an English local. The naval memorabilia has all gone, together with the football on the tele and the not-very well-kept cask ale.
The freehold is for sale, so you can buy it yourself and turn it back into a proper pub.
b) the worst bits of the Richard I make-over, ie the hideously inappropriate white sofas, have been replaced.

So far as something decent on handpump at the Union is concerned, there are always three handpumps on, two of which are always guest ales, and these change fairly regularly.

I absolutely agree that the Dog and Bell is a good, well-run pub, with well-priced beers and home-cooked food