Sunday, 14 November 2010

14th November 2010 - 4

14:39 That last beer had a funny winey taste. Not like beer at all. Time for a change of pace: St. Bernardus Abt.

Whitechapel. I'd been looking forward to the episode so much. In the Blind Beggar. It's such a lovely pub. I have such happy memories of it. Happy that I don't have to visit such horrible pubs. Maybe it's changed since 1979. Can't imagine it got any worse.

14:43 The bastards. They've just used any old pub. Bastards.

The Yorkshire puddings were particularly yummy today. Despite having no black bits. They were so good, I'm going to share them with you. Only in visual form, I'm afraid. You're going to have to take my word for how scrumptious they were.

14:56 The kids have started getting excited again.

"If you take ADHD tablets you get hyperactive."

"Sounds like just what I need, Lexie. Remember to act crazy next time I take you to the doctor." That won't be hard.

"Lexie, those are my salt and vinegar crisps."

"You're so selfish, dad."

"You've eaten more of them than I have."

They've started watching The World's Strictest Parents. It's just like life here. Except for the strictness.

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