Monday, 15 November 2010

London there I go

For technical reasons, I'll be in London for quite a while. 25th-30th November.

The archives aren't open on Sunday. I guess I'll have some free time then. Friday evening, too. If you fancy encouraging my self-destructive behaviour, get in touch.

Anyone know someone at Harvey's? Just sort of wondering about their brewing records. I have most of Monday free.


Troy said...

Irony. I am a reader who homebrews and likes to drink beer, and I will be in Amsterdam on Nov. 26-27. I had considered offering to buy you a beer while I was in town, but it appears that won't be happening. Enjoy your English bitters and I'l try to figure out what to enjoy in Amsterdam.


rabidbarfly said...

I'll be happy to meet up for some self destructive behaviour, want to start at The Rake on Thursday?